From the recording SIDE A


God Do Me A Solid
©2019 NizWiz

“You can hear them praising the Lord . In a church of a little wooden church”

Can I hear an amen? Can I hear you say it?
Can I hear an amen for an original sin?
Can I hear an amen?
Can I hear it again?
Jesus died and I’m alive

Rev up my engines on the open road
Got my little Jesus on the dashboard
Can I hear it again?
Give us this day
I gotta make some bread

Some nights I’m drinking myself to the floor
Sometimes I stop and I don’t want more
Sometimes I listen and put the booze away
Sometimes I just say fuck it any way

God do me a solid

God do me a solid
I’m hot under the collar
God do me a solid
I’m hot cool me off

I don’t know nothing ‘bout why you’re here
I got my reasons why my needs are clear
I’ll tell you one thing I’ll tell you cold
No one has seen where this love that you show goes
It’s not a joke this going broke
Gimme hope gimme what I need
I need some money honey money honey
God gimme something that I can use

Spun out burned out
Fuel is low
Where do we go
Drifting through the wild night
Heart stops
There’s no light we got caught
Oh my baby somewhere out there
There’s a real home
Real home

Each time I take you
I’m less and less afraid
Of this shifting reality
It takes a whole lot of wonder
To fill the vacancy
You gave me an answer I can’t believe
Yeah yeah